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Art of the Garden

Tate Britain

The Idea

Artists such as Marc Quinn have created wonderful giant sculptures of flowers. Marc created a fantastic sculpture of a giant orchid outside Tate Britain. He called it “The Overwhelming World of Desire” (Paphiopedilum Winston Churchill Hybrid).

Marc Quinn, The Overwhelming World of Desire (Paphiopedilum Winston Churchill Hybrid), © The Artist
Photo: Marcella Leith


The Plan

You are going to create your own 3D flower that you can “plant” out in a garden or even a make believe garden. If you work with friends you could create your own spectacular fantasy garden. You might even choose to wear your flower as a costume.


You Need

  • Coloured card.
  • Paint, crayons, pastels etc.
  • Various pieces of coloured paper etc if you want to stick additional patterns on your flower.
  • Bamboo sticks.
  • Glue, sellotape, scissors etc.

Do it!

  • First of all you need to look carefully at the flowers in your garden or in a public garden if you do not have one of your own.
  • Take notice of the different colours and shapes of the flowers and think about how you could recreate them.
  • Create your flowers. Check out the ideas below in “Top Tips”.
  • Give you flower its own name. Why not give it a very long Latin name like Marc Quinn did (or make up a nonsense name if you like.)
  • “Plant” your flower.

Top Tips

  • You can create interesting surfaces for your flower by rubbing crayons over raised surfaces.
  • Give depth to your flower by building up layers of card.
  • If you decide to wear your flower you could cut a hole in the card to fit your head through. Otherwise strap giant leaves to your arms by sticking loops of card on the back of your design.