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Your String Den

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The Idea

Angela Bulloch is an artist who filled a room with strange noises, lights and lots and lots of string. For her work called Disenchanted Forest, she hung and dangled long pieces of string from the ceiling to the floor.

Angela Bulloch Disenchanted Forest x 1001 2005 Courtesy Helga de Alvear, Private Collection, Madrid. Photo © Carsten Eisfeld


The Plan

You are going to make your own string den or string 'installation' at home. Your den will last from one day to about one week, depending on where it is (and how well you look after it). It will make you move around your space in a new way – you will probably crawl, duck, wriggle and bend.


You Need

  • A room or corner of your home which has lots of places and things which you can tie the string onto.
  • Lots of different kinds of string: cotton, wool and parcel string are examples. You could even use lots of rags.
  • Use as many colours and textures as you want.

Do it!

  • Tie your pieces of string to door handles and furniture.
  • Connect things together, going round corners and in all directions.

Top Tips

  • You could take one roll of string for a long walk around your room.
  • Turn off the lights at the end of the day and shine a torch through your string jungle – then you will really see just what a strange new world you have made.
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