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Make a Collage

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The Idea

Tony Cragg is a British-born sculptor who was known, in his early career, for creating colourful collages from construction and household materials, which had been discarded in the streets and rubbish dumps in West London. He has worked in the more traditional materials of wood, bronze and marble later in his career.

In this piece Tony has arranged the picture in a special way to make two shapes. One is the artist himself. Can you see both shapes? You may have to tilt your head to the left to see properly. Can you recognise some of the materials Tony has used for his collage?

Britain from the North, Tony Cragg


The Plan

Use Tony’s idea of making a picture from coloured objects to make your own collage. You are going to build them into the shape of your own body or face which you can outline first before you start making your collage.


You Need

  • Old magazines, cards, packaging etc.
  • Scissors, glue.
  • A pencil and paper.

Do it!

  • Draw an outline of yourself (or just your face if you prefer) on the paper.
  • Use the magazine, cards and packaging to find lots of small pictures of different objects.
  • Cut out your objects and glue them into your outline.

Top Tips

  • You might want to choose a theme for your collage that you think reflects your personality or says something about the things you like.
  • You could choose your favourite sport or pastime or maybe just something for fun like shoes or food!