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Mind Map Making

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The Idea

Simon Patterson is an artist who is fascinated with information, words and directions. He creates mind maps like The Great Bear where he put the names of writers, singers, footballers and politicians onto the station stops of a London Underground tube map.

Simon Patterson, The Great Bear, 1992 © Simon Patterson


The Plan

What would you choose to make a mind map of? You are going to make one using lines and stations (stops) to show connections between people or things. Your map can look like Simon’s underground map or you might want to invent your own patterns and ways of linking up your stations.


You Need

  • Card, coloured paper.
  • Pencils, crayons, markers.
  • String or tape.
  • Scissors.

Do it!

  • Decide who or what your mind map will be about.
  • Cut out your station stops on card or paper.
  • Write the names (or draw pictures if you prefer) for all the different station stops in your map.
  • Working on the floor or a VERY large piece of paper, use string or tape to join your stations together.

Top Tips

  • Think carefully about who or what your mind map will be about. It could be a group of people like your friends, the children in your class or club. It could be your family, your teachers or your pets. You might prefer to make a map of creepy crawlies or wild animals, pop stars or TV programmes.
  • You could make a mind map to help someone remember things they need to do. That would probably be a smaller map. You could also make a massive mind map for fun all around your bedroom
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