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Pop Art Hat

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The Idea

The Pop Art movement started in Britain in the 1950's. Pop artists wanted to make art part of everyday life, something that everyone could enjoy. Many of the artists were inspired by advertising, comic strips and product packaging, so their work was very "down-to-earth". Pop Art is often very bright, colourful and bold.

Peter Blake Self-Portrait with Badges 1961 © Peter Blake 2002. All rights reserved, DACS


The Plan

Can you work in a bright and exciting way to create your own Pop Art hat? Have a look at some of the work of the Pop Artists to get some inspiration first. Try Peter Phillips, Peter Blake, Richard Hamilton, Patrick Caulfield, Isaac Witkin and Bridget Riley.


You Need

  • Materials for decorating the hat you design. You can use all sorts of packaging, old magazines, adverts, comic strips etc.
  • "Sticky stuff" to hold it together: try glue (PVA is good) and sticky tape.
  • Ribbon or cord if you don’t want to lose your hat if it falls off!
  • Pipe cleaners if you want to add "wobbly" bits.

Do it!

  • First of all make a rough design of the hat you want to make.
  • Collect the materials you will need.
  • Measure your head so you get the size of the hat right.
  • Make your hat, having as much fun as possible!

Top Tips

  • Don’t be afraid to use ideas similar to those you have seen the Pop Artists use.
  • Be as imaginative as you like.
  • Use lots of bright colours, big writing and crazy pictures if you want to.
  • Make sure your hat means something special to you.
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