Tate Kids



Digital Makers: Be a web-remixer

Tate Britain
30 minutes

The Plan

We are going to remix the Tate and Tate Kids website. We are going to redesign the sites based on things you love and how you want to see art on the web.


You Need

  • Just a computer

Do it!

  • Learn a bit of HTML

    There are lots of websites that can help you learn and where you can get top tips. Just a few bits of code can help you insert an image, make text bold or insert a link into your new website

  • Install Mozilla Xray Goggles
  • Open a tab on Tate Kids or Tate
  • Be inspired

    Think about art on the web. How do you look for art or find creative inspiration on the web? How should Tate display artwork? How to digital artists do it?

  • What is an art gallery? What do you want to find inside Tate? A playground? Lots of free pineapples? Should it be an art school?

  • Find images and videos that you would like to put on the website. Replace our images with your own
  • Remember to update and publish your work so it’s saved
  • Upload and share onto My Gallery on Tate Kids. We’d love to see your creations

See it!

Check out some of the web remixes by kids in a workshop at Tate Britain